cartoon physics ep interview - april 2023


Q Your debut EP, CARTOON PHYSICS, is about to be released. Tell me something about it.

CHRIS We're all people of a certain age. And we all grew up with parents who watched a lot of cartoons on TV when they were kids. Mad stuff like Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny, Roadrunner and the Pink Panther. They were never on the telly when we were growing up, but our parents told us all about them. They sounded insane...

YVONNE - ...all the crazy stuff like falling off cliffs and being crushed by boulders and things blowing up.

BRIAN I think we really missed out by not being able to see them when we were kids. But they're all over YouTube now. So we dug out the videos and watched them. Great fun!

Q Where did the title CARTOON PHYSICS come from?

CHRIS There's a Wikipedia page on it, trying to explain, or not explain, in terms of physics, all the wacky stuff that happens in the old cartoons. A rationalecan be arrived at for all the things that you'd see in cartoons that could never happen in real life. I'm not going to bother trying to give you examples. Just go on to YouTube and see for yourself, then read the Wikipedia page.

TRIG Actually some of the things you see in cartoons make more sense then what you might see in real life!

Q Are cartoons an obsession for plamsaDOGplasma?

YVONNE yes. That and the whole idea of empires. Emperors and empires. Colonies. Oppression of the poor and the conquered. Wars. All those empires that were around over 100 years ago are now completely gone. Who would have guessed?

BRIAN Empires and cartoons don't really go hand in had, I suppose. But that's the crazy word of plasmaDOGplasma.

Q What are your plans once the EP is released?

CHRIS Well, we hope it does well, of course. We are currently working on our debut album, which will be dealing with the sort of issues raised by Yvonne. But not cartoons. The album should be out in the autumn of this year.

Q Something for all of us to look forward to!