imperial phase inversion interview - october 2023

Q - Your debut allbum, IMPERIAL PHASE INVERSION, is just about to be released. Can you tell me about it?

CHRIS - Well, in simple terms, it describes life before and after the fall of a fictional empire in a fictional past. In the interest of balance, the story is told from the perspectives both of the establishment and of what you might call the “underclasses”.

Q - And would you identify with one or other of these groups?

CHRIS - Both probably, depending on the mood of the day.

BRIAN - Obviously, we never lived through those times, so it's hard to know where we would have found ourselves, socially and politically. We might have had everything to lose or everything to gain. Or we might have been in one group, but sympathising with the needs of the other.

Q - Do you think there is a current equivalent to the fictional empire you describe in the album?

TRIG - Global corporations, maybe? Tech giants? Celebrity figures with world-wide followers and who can find no fault in their actions and inactions?

Q - And rebels?

YVONNE - There will always be rebels. They mght not always fight with guns and cudgels, but they'll find some way to take down the evil empires in whatever form they take.

Q - Tell me about the process of recording IMPERIAL PHASE INVERSION

CHRIS - it's fair tedious, I must say! But it had to be done because the story had to be be told. So needs must..

YVONNE - I actually like working in the studio, but I'm a little bit OCD, so maybe that's not surprising...

BRIAN/TRIG - ...a little!!!

CHRIS - Yvonne keeps us all on our toes. Watches the clock, watches the budget, listens forensically to the music. I think we're all delighted with the outcome, of course, but it just takes so long to do...

Q - But well worth it.

TRIG - obviously!