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2 March 2024 Daniel Prendiville's track Cold War Storage is a featured track on RADIO AMBIENT Vol. 23, an ambient music channel on YouTube.  It's well worth clicking here to listen to the channel!

2 March 2024 Daniel Prendiville has two tracks featuring on compilations released by the Aurora Compilatiions net label.

Daniel's track A Scuba can be found on AURORA 2024: REFLECT AND IMPROVE, which is described as offering "a contemplative and cinematic atmosphere" that sets the tone for reflecting on personal expectations for the year 2024. On the basis of this, Daniel is obviously considering taking-up scuba diving as a hobby. Er, no... Other artists featuring in this compilation are Deborah Fialkiewicz and Pete Swinton. The compilation is downloadable from the Internet Archive here.

Meanwhile, Daniel's track Abacus is to be found on AURORA 2024: LUMINOUS PATH. This album features a mix of IDM and electronica tracks that are "great for setting intentions or simply enjoying on their own". The tracks have an "urban flair" which are great for listening to while working or navigating city environments. Other artists featured, in various guises, on this compilation, are LR Friberg and  Wilfried Hanrath. The compilation can be downloaded from the Internet Archive here.

21 February 2024  Daniel Prendiville's track Explanatory Parenthesis features on the new compilation from the z0 netlabel, FRACTALS. Other artists featured on the compilation include Wilfried Hanrath, M. Nomized and Mean Flow. The album can be downloaded from Bandcamp. Why not try it?
1 January 2024 Reincheque Recordings are planning to release a multi-genre compilation album in April 2024.

We are looking for artists to submit material for possible inclusion in that album, and we have set up a Facebook event, where all the relevant information can be found.

Why not give it a go?

1 January 2024 Daniel Prendiville opens his account for 2024 with FREE STANDING VOL. 3, the latest in a series of compilation albums featuring experimental electronic tracks that did not feaure on any of Daniel's releases in 2023. An eclectic collection. Or possibly even a collectic eclection.

Download the albun exclusively from Bandcamp.