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17 November 2012 A new album fron Daniel Prendiville, just in time for Christmas. ATYPICAL features 4 electronic instrumental tracks inspired by early 70s electronic acts such as Tangerine Dream and Cluster. Available for download from 1 December 2012 from Bandcamp and Reverbnation.

24 October 2012 More archival gold dust (or maybe "mould dust") from the ANY CROWDED CEILING back catalogue. Back from the time when "bands" recorded "demos" in "recording studios". Remember those days? Of course you do. Available from 3 November 2012 as a free download exclusively from Bandcamp.
22 July 2012 Nice review of DESIGNER HANGOVER from JUVENILIA vol. X here.
22 July 2012 EGO WHERE I GO is now available from CD Baby and iTunes.
5 July 2012 Nice interview with Daniel Prendiville here.
5 July 2012 EGO WHERE I GO is now available via Bandcamp. It will not be released via Reverbnation, as previously planned, as, apparently, it's too long... Oh well, their loss...

25 June 2012 Daniel Prendiville's new digital-only album for 2012, EGO WHERE I GO, will be released on Bandcamp and Reverbnation on 6 July  2012. The album is a compilation of tracks which Daniel has recorded/released between 1996 and 2012. Further information closer to release date.
25 June 2012 Nice review of DANDY CAN DECLINE here.

7 June 2012 Nice review of OPTIMISM 1 - EXPERIENCE 0 here.

9 May 2012 Nice review of MODERNISTA here.
9 May 2012 DANDY CAN DECLINE available for streaming on Breakingtunes and Last.FM
6 May 2012 Nice review of DANDY CAN DECLINE here.

5 May 2012 DANDY CAN DECLINE - a four-song digital EP to promote Daniel Prendiville's forthcoming compilation album EGO WHERE I GO, is released via Bandcamp and Reverbnation. The album itself will be released in July 2012.

19 March 2012  

One from the archives here. All the way from 1987 (we think) comes JUVENILIA vol. X, a collection of demos recorded by the earliest incarnation of ANY CROWDED CEILING. Mastered from a cassette copy of the session which languished in a tea chest in a garden shed for almost 20 years and only recently discovered. The world was a different place back then. Download for free from Bandcamp. Can't be bad, can it?


2 January 2012 Daniel Prendiville has started work on a new album to be released in 2013 - HELLHOLE. You can follow progress on the album here.