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29 November 2020 Daniel Prendiville has material featured on  tʌntrə x, a limited-edition, 5 CD compilation box set of tracks from the tʌntrə series of albums released by Neotantra. Each CD is a full-length mix of tracks from the individual albums, and since we don't have time to listen to all the 5 CDs, we don't know which of Daniel tracks are on which of the CDs, but we assume that at least one of the tracks mentioned on 4 October 2020 (HOSPICE COCKTAIL or I AM A SHADOW OF YOUR FORMER SELF) is featured on one or other of the 5 CDs. At the time of writing, there are only 3 copies of the box set left to purchase, so if you're interested, you better get your skates on, innit...? Of course, you can also download the album, but if you do that, it won't be in a box, so it won't be a "box set". Strictly speaking, that is.

In other Neotantra news, Daniel also has a track (THE BOOK OF PASSWORDS) featured on the latest tʌntrə compilation, tʌntrə xi. Unfortunately, the track is listed on the album as PASSWORDS MASTER. We could have looked to have this corrected, but we don't like to make a fuss. Doesn't make a difference to the track, so why bother?

4 October 2020 Two tracks from Daniel Prendiville feature on compilation albums recently released by Neotantra.  HOSPICE COCKTAIL, as featured on MODERNISTA, appears on tʌntrə VIIII, while I AM A SHADOW OF YOUR FORMER SELF, as featured on D(O)UB(T), is the opening track on tʌntrə X. Both compilations are definitely well worth checking out. Enjoy!

5 September 2020 Daniel Prendiville releases the third, and final EP to promote his 2020 album TRAVAIL AGENT. TRIALS FOR LUTON EP features four tracks of nicely retro post-punk. Just the thing is retro post-punk is "just the thing". The EP is available for download exclusively from Bandcamp.

3 August 2020 Daniel Prendiville releases his principal album for 2020 - TRAVAIL AGENT. 18 little slivers of post-punk music, taking a sideways look at modern life. As is standard practice with Mr. P. You may hear traces of other musics from other times. And from different kitchens, quite possibly. The album is available to download from Bandcamp, and will also be found on other digital "platforms" (oh, what a horrible expression that is...) in the coming weeks.

4 July 2020 Daniel Prendiville releases the second in a series of EPs to promote his 2020 album TRAVAIL AGENT. WHERE HAVE ALL YOUR PLAYMATES GONE? EP features four new slabs of sonic goodness from the Gulag. The EP is available for download exclusively from Bandcamp.

20 June 2020 Daniel Prendiville has collaborated with German musician and sound artist EISENLAGER to release an album entitled ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST. Daniel is honoured to have worked with EISENLAGER. Check out the album on Bandcamp.

3 May 2020 Daniel Prendiville releases the first in a series of EPs to promote his 2020 album TRAVAIL AGENT. BEGGING LETTERS EP features 4 tracks in a post-punk, power pop vein, and is sure to go down a treat with those who like their post-punk inna power pop stylee. Or even vice versa. The EP is available for download exclusively from Bandcamp.

27 April 2020 One of the tracks  (KAYFABE) from Daniel Prendiville's forthcoming album TRAVAIL AGENT has snuck out of the Gulag and has found its way on to this super-sized (as against "supper-sized") compilation album  - HIGH RISK OF RAINBOWS AND HAIR RIBBONS (I GOT THE CORONA VIRUS - 19 BLUES) -  compiled by friend of the label Chris Phinney. 98 tracks in all with something for all tastes (probably...). KAYFABE comes in at track no. 30, and is well worth checking out if you want to get a flavour of TRAVAIL AGENT. And frankly, who doesn't? The album is free to download from Bandcamp.

10 April 2020 Nice reviews of GRIAN and GULAG SESSIONS VOL 4 here.

27 March 2020 Another instalment of the ongoing Gulag Sessions series. This one is GULAG SESSIONS VOL. 4, for the (non-existent) record. Recorded live in the Gulag in 2018. Just escaping from the laboratory now. Download exclusively from Bandcamp.

1 January 2020 Daniel Prendiville starts the new year, nay - the new decade, with a new album - DOWNSIZE THE UNIVERSE. An album of experimental electronic music to help you pass the time until the next Daniel Prendiville album comes along. Whenever that is... DOWNSIZE THE UNIVERSE is available for download exclusively from Bandcamp.